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1. Membership applications must be submitted to the membership secretary and dues paid ten days prior to the entry date of the rodeo you want to compete in. Applications which are incomplete will be returned to you.

2. Entries are called in on the Tuesday 10 days prior to the rodeo you are entering. Entries are taken from 6 to 9 am, and again from 6 to 9 pm. You may late enter until Thursday (8 days prior to the rodeo) at 9 am, for an additional fee of $10 per day. NO entries will be taken after 9 am Thursday. Please donít leave a voice mail. You need to talk to me, and I WILL answer if youíre calling during the correct time frame, unless Iím on the line with someone else. The entry number is 509-607-3640. Please call only during the time that has been set aside for you to enter and call back!

3. To be sure you are entered in the correct events you may check the website (www.wshsra.org) or call back on Thursday (8 days prior to the rodeo) from 7 to 9 pm ONLY. If there is an error you must call me by 9 pm Thursday to get it corrected. You may also draw out of one or more events until that time and will owe nothing for the events you drew out of.

4. When you enter a rodeo you are responsible for all entry fees and office charges. If you donít show up you will be charged an additional $25 for the weekend, unless you notify that rodeoís secretary, at least one day before the first performance, that you will not be attending. The ONLY time you do not have to pay the full amount of your fees is if you notify me prior to the rodeo that you will be medical or vet releasing AND send me a medical or vet release which must be postmarked within 3 days of the rodeo. You will still owe the office charges. A vet release can only be used for barrels, poles and cutting.

Please read the standing rules, which you can pickup at the rodeo office of the first rodeo you attend, along with your back number and membership card. They are also available on the website. Not knowing the rules will not be accepted as an excuse at any time.

When you fill out your applications please make them as legible as possible. Also, most of our communications are done through email, so a GOOD email address is imperative. You should get your membership to me as soon as possible if you intend to rodeo with us this fall. AUGUST 19 is the date that memberships need to be postmarked for you to be eligible to enter the first rodeo at Longview.

If you have questions call me at 509-607-3640 or email genamac1@hotmail.com

Iím anxious to see you all! Gena

Fall Schedule

Sept 15, 16, & 17 Longview

Sept 23, 24 Kennewick

Sept 30, Oct 1 Othello

Oct 6, 7, 8 Coulee City








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